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Μέσα στο διήμερο  φεστιβάλ  θα λειτουργήσει  εκθεσιακός χώρος  εταιριών.

Οι παρακάτω εταιρίες έχουν δηλώσει  συμμετοχή στην έκθεση .

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Sfendami Mountain Festival  2013 από  Adrenalini tv

Video from the race Mtb 42 km S.M.F 2013

 Τα χάλκινα της Καστοριάς  στο S.M.F 2013

Sfendami Mountain Festival 2013 Trailer

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Price money            


Xco UCI   elite men   c2                         Xco UCI   elite women    c2


1st € 180                                                                     1st € 160
2nd € 140                                                                   2nd € 120
3rd € 100                                                                    3rd € 80
4th € 80                                                                      4th € 60
5th € 65                                                                       5th € 40
6th € 55                                                                       6th € 30
7th € 50                                                                      7th € 20
8th € 40                                                                       8th € 20
9th € 35                                                                       9th € 20
10th € 30                                                                    9th € 20
11th € 20
12th € 20                                                           Total prize money:570
13th € 20
14th € 20
15th € 20
Total prize money : 875

  XCM UCI   elite men   c3                   XCM UCI   elite woman   c3

1st € 120                                                                           € 100
2nd € 80                                                                              € 60
3rd € 60                                                                               €40
4th € 40                                                                               30 €
5th € 35                                                                               20 €
6th € 35
7th € 30
8th € 25
9th € 20
10th € 20




smf logo 14

History of the Race

Sfendami mountain festival was founded in 2007. The organization committee is SFENDAMOS A.M.K,E and event takes place at Prophet Elias’ hill. 2014 is our eighth year in a row. Festival is named by the Sfendamos’ tree that grows in the area of Sfendami village. Our festival consists of a race XCO 5,2 Km UCI, a XCM Marathon UCI C3 Race 60km, an MTR race 23 Km and MTB open Marathon 60 Km. MTB open race is the largest in Greece and there were 621 participants from Greece and other Balkan countries, in 2013.

General info about Sfendami

Sfendami is a small community consisting of 1000 residents. Exists at the North of Greece, in the Pidna-Kolindros municipality, in north Greece. Pieria’ sea coast is 7 Km away. 40 Km away is Olympous, mountain of Gods, and 30 Km away are Pieria Mountains. Thessalonica is only 50 Km away from Sfendami. Historically is close in ancient Pydna and in a distance of 25 Km from Bergina and ancient Pella, home country of Fillipos and Great Alexander. You can combine the races Festival with your holidays and enjoy the prime area of Pieria.

Event exhibition ground

On the Hill of Prophet Elias where the festival will take place, including a campsite and immediate access to the race routes and tracks, also more events and new activities. The hill is 2.5 km from Sfendami. There are WC facilities and showers with hot water for the athletes and campers. There are eating and drinking facilities for all

Prophet Elias Map


The sfendami mountain festival 2014 stage race is organized under the rules of the Hellenic Cycling Federation and the specific rules mentioned in this guide


For the sfendami mountain festival Stage race only the following categories are allowed:
UCI XCO/XCM: Men Elite and women elite
Mtb open Marathon 58 km men and women . Man 15-18 , 19-29 , 30-39 ,40-49, 50+
Mountain running 23 km men and women . Man 15-18 , 19-29 , 30-39 ,40-49, 50+


The participants can register using the following ways:
-Online, Email, Online inscription closes 23th April 2014


Registration of the riders (with distribution of Race number plates and timing chips) can be done only at the Registration office during the following working hours:
18 April 2015 08:00 – 09:00
On the spot Registrations closes 2 hours before the Team Managers meeting.

UCI License is kept and returned with the return of the number + chip.
Please note that training will not be authorized without a number plate
Riders who don’t return the timing chip after the event will be charged 25 Euro for replacement.
The Registration office will be located in / Area office. Profitis ilia

Starting Procedure XCO

Riders will be called in the Staging Area 20 minutes before the scheduled start time of the race. Staging will begin 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of the race. Riders will be lined up as described in the Start Order above. Eight riders will be placed on each line (might change by decision of the President of the Commissaries’ Panel). The rider him/herself can decide his/her position on the line. Once the riders are lined up, warm-up (by rollers, turbo trainer etc.) is excluded inside or outside the start area.

The start will be given by the Start Commissaries using the following procedure: Announcements at 3, 2, 1 minutes and 30 seconds before the start, then a final announcement that the start will be given within the next 15 seconds. A starting pistol, whistle or horn will be used to give the start.

The Start Commissar will be in sole control of the public address system from three minutes before the start until the start has been given.

The start will be given by the Start Commissaire using the following procedure: Announcements at 3, 2, 1 minutes and 30 seconds before the start, then a final announcement that the start will be given within the next 15 seconds.
The Start Commissaire will be in sole control of the public address system from three minutes before the start until the start has been given.

Technical support

Technical support for the Mountain Bike race (shimano service ) All bikes taking part in the event have the opportunity of a technical check and during the race there will be technical support points.

Technical Assistance

Technical assistance during the race is permitted subject to the conditions below:

Authorized technical assistance during a race consists of repairs to or the replacement of any part of the bicycle other than the frame. Bike changes are not permitted and the rider must cross the finishing line with the same handlebar number plate that he / she had at the start.

Technical assistance shall only be given in the feed/technical assistance zones. Spare equipment and tools for repairs must be kept in these zones. Repairs and equipment changes can be carried out by the rider himself or with the help of a teammate, team mechanic or neutral technical assistance. Small items such as an inner tube or a small tool may be handed up from the feed/technical assistance zones.

All people inside the Feed/Technical assistance zone must have on them in a visible place a Feed/Technical Assistance zone pass. People without a pass will be removed from the Feed/Technical Assistance zone. Passes will be handed during the Team Managers’ meeting under the supervision of the President of the Commissaires panel
(1 pass for every 3 riders for each Feed/Technical Assistance zone)

The Organizer will provide Neutral Technical assistance.

In addition to technical assistance in feed zones, technical assistance is permitted outside these zones only between riders who are members of the same UCI MTB team or of the same national team (if riders are registered in the race as part of the National team).

Riders may carry tools and spare parts provided that these do not involve any danger to the rider himself or the other competitors.

Any changes to UCI regulations regarding feed/technical assistance will be applied to the above,

Press office

The press office will be located On the Hill of Prophet Elias the Start / Finish Area. The press office will be fully equipped for online communication.
At the Start/Finish area a Press tent will also provide limited office facilities.

Team Space booking

The Organizer will provide upon request a Tent (3x3m or 3x6m) for a small fee. All requests for tent bookings must be finalized until the 20 April 2014

1st Singletrail  Enduro Race

Distance : 4.92  km

Max Elevation : 301 Meters

Min Elevation : 111 Meters

Elevation Loss : 200 Meters

Elevation Gain  :  22 Meters

1o Monopati upsometrika

2st Singletrail Enduro Race

Distance :2.22 km

Max Elevation : 220 Meters

Min Elevation : 92 Meters

Elevation Loss :  140 Meters

Elevation Gain : 14 Meters

2o Monopati upsometrika

3st Singletrail Enduro Race

Distance : 2.65 km

Max Elevation : 250 Meters

Min Elevation : 78 Meters

Elevation Loss : 167  Meters

Elevation Gain : 0 Meters

3o Monopati upsometrika



Registration for the 8th SMF opened

Due to electronic timekeeping entries close on April 18
The electronic submission of declarations become through two forms.
The first form is the races UCI XCO ELITE MAN-WOMAN C2.
For these games require a safety ΕΟΠ the UCI
The second form is all the matches OPEN MTB 42 th, FUN 23 thousand RUN 23 th and 10 th
Athletes who choose UCI race and OPEN should be completed and 2 forms
The registration process, cost and all information found within the site
Other features of athletes outside the electronic timing chip and a medal will be given a technical shirt of the event to all participants
Posted on the website is the state tournament ,with 20 athletes winners from SMF 2013, that have free registration for the 8th SMF
Stay tuned to www.sfendami. gr for all developments of 8th SMF


Run – Mtb Course

  • Total Distance : 20 km
  • Δασικός δρόμος : 10.5  km
  • Singletrail : 9.5km
  • Total Elevation gain : 720 meters

The course has 4  singletrails

  1. 0.3km
  2. 4.2km
  3. 1.8km
  4. 3.2km

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Sfendami Mountain Festival 2013 Trailer

Video Trailer S.M.F 2013  Dion Tv

Sfendami Mountain Festival 2012 – Start Mtb

Sfendami Night Trail

Sfendami 2011

Sfendami Mountain Of Adventure