S.M.F 2015 Route description for the Mountain Run and Mountain Bike

S.M.F 2015 Route description for the Mountain Run and Mountain Bike

Route decription for MTB XCM Marathon & Open race 60km : soon.

Route description for the Mountain Run and Mountain Biking events

The route starts in the exhibition area on the hill of Prophet Elias and it follows a downhill direction for 1km through forest and farmland. For the mountain biking event there will be a vehicle supplied meeting at the spring of Prophet Elias.

From here the riders will have to pay especial attention down a 40m signed path. They will emerge onto farmland and a 500m incline. At the end of the uphill slope there is a fast downhill track for 2.5km meeting a 20% incline for 100m.

This is followed by a 300m decline and another 800m incline after which at the 4km stage the athletes will find themselves once again in the exhibition area of the hill of Prophet Elias.

From this point the athletes start along two small tracks for 300m. They emerge onto farmland and after 1km are at the chapel of Agia Paraskevi at the 5km point. From here is a 4.2km downhill with small divergences ending up at a point like a tunnel into which the sun does not shine.

The track is pleasing for the athletes, it has parts which require minimum technical ability. At the end of this path is the 1st stop at Teponitsa at the 9km point. After a 1km uphill route through forest and at the 10km point the athletes start down a 800m decline followed by a 1.8km downhill slope requiring some technical skills.

At this point there will be signs with 2 arrows denoting especial attention and care for the athletes as technical ability is required. This is followed by an incline through forest for 1800m and at the 14km point they meet the 2nd refreshment stop at Aeroporia. From here there is a 3.2km downhill route where athletes can reach a speed of 50kmhr ending at the Teponitsa river.

Riding alongside the river for 800m at the 17km point they enter the forest meeting the 3rd refreshment point, Tsairia-Katachalitika, at 18km. They continue uphill until the 19.5km point at Aeroporia.


From here starts a downhill slope over farmland for 1km meeting at the Kapsala Bridge. Then starts an incline of 1.3km emerging at Strivadia at the 21.3km point. There is a downhill for 1km, an uphill for 30m and another downhill for 300m reaching the 22km point.


Here we are at the end of the race route. After a 800m steep incline the athletes are located 200m from the finish line.

The last 200m are on the flat and finish at the hill of Prophet Elias from where they started.


The altitude for the Running race is 880m. The athletes participating in the Mountain biking event continue for a 2nd lap to complete their race.


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