Route description SΜF 2015


Route description SΜF 2015

Route description Xco 

Event has the starting and finishing lines on the Hill of Prophet Elias and runs along forest and agricultural tracks. Of the 5km, 2km is along walking tracks and the altitude reaches 160 m. The route is on earth with no stone and the paths are pleasurable and take the athletes through a tunnel of natural beauty.

Xco Course Map C2 UCI



Sfendami XCO Course Elevation Map

Elevation per lap :159 Meters
Lower Altitude :220 Meters
Higher Altitude :310 Meters

Route Specification RUN

Lower Altitude :73 meters

Higher Altitude :300 meters



RUN & MTB Fun Race Route (23km)

Route map  on Google Earth

Agricultural Track : 13.5 km
Single Track : 9.5 km

Race safety

Throughout the event there will be a rescue team of 40 members available at many points and in full communication for quick recovery


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