Sfendami Adventure Experience


Sfendami Adventure Experience


sfendami ADV


28-29 September 2013


Sfendami adventure experience is a two-day autumn mountain sports event organized in Sfendami Pieria, Greece for the fourth consecutive year. Events center is the amazing hill of Prophet Elias on September 28-29


The weekend includes:

Saturday 28th of September   Eliminator race

Eliminator race for a total distance of 200 meters with a low height difference.

Each athlete will receive a separate launch and measured net boot time and shutdown. More than one athlete can start at the same time if they wish so.

The route will signposted with ribbon

Electronic timing of the athletes will be available at the start and the finish of the race.

Everyone is allowed to participate if they are above 15 years old. (for participants aged 15 -18 a guardian signature is required). Each participant in the mountain bike race can participate with any type of bicycle.

This particular race will start at 15:00 and the last athlete will start racing at 18:00.

Participating athletes can make training until the start time at 15.00 and during the race if there is a gap of participating athletes.

Each athlete will have an official countdown only for one climb.

Athletes can participate in both events (running and he biking).

Inclusiveness for this event is free of charge.

Each athlete will have a number plate for the running and biking race from his fight night trail

Male and female winners of the ascent trail running and mountain biking will win a free registration fee for the night trail race


September 28th- Sfendami night trail

Sfendami night trail is held on Saturday, September 28th. Sfendami night trail is addressed to all who want to experience a night trail running and mountain biking race. Sfendami night trail is an independent race and that means that an athlete can participate only in one race and not in both of them since starting post will be given with a ten minutes time distance. Everyone is eligible to participate without any exception. The Sfendami night trail is a nigh race of 20 kilometers of mountain running or mountain biking. Sfendami night trail is held for the third time and is following the famous route of Sfendami Mountain Festival which included 11 kilometers of  pathway and 9 kilometers of forest and rural road. Nocturnal races very different compared to daytime races since they can create different feelings and different challenges to all, even in emerging athletes. The only requirement for the athletes is a headlamp for runners and a torch for bicycling athletes. During the event a band will accompany musically athletes and visitors under the moonlight.

Inclusiveness for each event is 15 euro.


September 29th- Enduro Race


Sfendami Enduro race is the new cycling proposal and it is implemented for a second year in a raw and is developed during the day. Each participant in this  race can participate with any type of bicycle.

(-all mountain types-hardtail-downhill-free ride-enduro) The specificity of this contest that is composed of three different sections, which are all timed and the athlete who will collect the lowest total time is the winner of the race.

The 3 stages are all paths in specific pathway which is enjoyable for everyone and is suitable for any athlete level, even for beginner.

The 3 stages are combined by downhills with small parts of uphill and they require strength and technique and that why they grant a different sense compared to MTB races.

Inclusiveness for this event is 15 euro.

During the weekend there’ll be races for children related to mountain running and biking.  Many other actions will take part on Saturday and they will be announced in the future. Moreover in  Saturday there will be a musical evening for athletes, visitors,  spectators and more information can be found at www.sfendami.gr

The area around Prophet Elias is offered for free camp and there you can find toilets and hot showers, and dining and recreation areas. More information can be found at www.sfendami.gr. On the website of the event a registration form will be posted so as the organization will know the amount of participants so they can be prepared accordingly. Registration will be open on the hill of Prophet Elias until one hour before the race starts. We are welcoming you on the hill of Prophet Elias to spend a pleasant weekend with your friends family during day and  night action, competing and having fun on the paths of Sfendami, Greece

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